Should I buy a Purell or a Gojo sanitizer?

March 2020, the whole world started to go in panic mode because of the spread of COVID19. Governments around the world started imposing strict sanitization measures on businesses to keep their staff and customers safe. Companies like Purell and Gojo, which were visible in public bathrooms across North America, started seeing unprecedented demand for their products. Businesses across North America scrambled to get their hands on Purell and Gojo sanitizers. Most of them, without realizing the actual cost of what they were buying or getting into.

Manufacturers and brands from around the world love making more sales and have repeat customers. When a business is selling a product which would require continuous refills or recharge, it is in their best interest to get you hooked with their product so that you continue to buy from them. Let me explain - 1 Purell or Gojo Sanitizer dispenser costs anywhere between $10-$30, which is at least 50% cheaper than a Sanitizer Dispenser from SWACH CANADA or any other dispenser company. However, once you buy a Purell or a Gojo dispenser, you can only refill it with their certified refill bottles or bags. A standard 1 litre sanitizer refill from Purell or Gojo costs a staggering $40-$50 per refill, compare that to a $10-$15 per litre refill available at SWACH CANADA or any other sanitizer refill store. Which means, on each sanitizer refill a business is stuck with paying twice or thrice as much with these brands. Sanitization should not cost that much. We have to fight COVID19 and future viral infections together by making sanitization accessible to all. Businesses across Canada must make informed decisions about the costs associated with the products they are buying. Upfront costs and future costs.

We at SWACH CANADA are dedicated to providing you sanitization equipment at the best available prices and we make sure that our equipment and products will last you a long time, which is why we provide you a 1 year warranty on all our dispensers. Our dispensers can be refilled with with sanitizer, sourced from anywhere around the world. 

Reach out to us at to know more about how you can cut your sanitization costs and provide a cleaner and more secure environment to your customers, guests and staff.

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