Swach Canada, a division of Rue du Monde Inc., has a unique environmental vision. It starts with a concern with the mountains of plastic waste scattered throughout the world. This plastic garbage is not recycled and its accumulation needs to stop.  Continuing to pollute the world with this plastic waste is not sustainable.    


At Swach Canada we believe that concern with the environmental impact of products should be foremost. We call it our Environment First Policy. It is our commitment to take steps to tackle the environmental pollution caused by the plastic and other materials included our products. This commitment is realized by initially knowing the quality and nature of all materials that are used in the products that we sell. We ensure that any plastic components in our products are made of high-grade recycled plastics. We also ensure that these plastics and other component materials included in our products are recyclable.     


Swach Canada, is the only North American online store to offer support for the proper disposal of our products at the end of their life cycle. Please reach out to us at info@swach-canada.com for information on recycling facilities that will handle Swach Canada products in an environmentally responsible way. 


Swach Canada, a division of Rue Du Monde Inc., is proud to be committed to this Environment First Policy.