Nal - Pedal Operated Sanitizer Dispenser

$199.00 $279.00

  • NO HANDS: 100% Touchless foot pedal activated manual hand sanitizer dispenser stand. The stand comes with a an easy to use foot pedal that allows you to apply hand sanitizer without having to touch the bottle or the stand.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: With the different sizes of sanitizer bottles, the sanitizer stand shaft is fully adjustable to fit most bottle sizes.
  • CUSTOM FITTED BOTTLE: We provide a custom fitted 1 Liter bottle, which can be replaced with any 1 Liter pump bottle.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The sanitizer station has a unique and sturdy powder coated steel body and base that makes it a freestanding unit.
  • NO BATTERIES: This sanitizer dispenser is completely mechanical and does not require any plug in or batteries.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - Height - 114cm , width 15cm, depth - 13cm 
    - Base: 32cm*32cm

1 year product warranty. Check out our Environment First Policy.

Best price guarantee. Find us a comparable product at a lower price and we will match that price for you.

Free Shipping across North America. 

Customizations available on orders of 3 or more. Contact us for details. We offer 24 hour service. Email - info@swach-canada.com


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