How to pick a Dispenser?

 You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology not the other way around.”
                                                             - Steve Jobs
Have you ever looked at a dispenser and wondered why all of them have the same unexciting design of a white frame with a black patch? While you and I both crave a sanitary and spotless ecosystem, I also like my products to be very accessible and unique. The sleek design and the quality of material used adds elegance to a dispenser, like most products.

A lot of budget dispensers come in a variety of styles and functionality to meet your personal needs.  They are manufactured using the very best Stainless steel or ABS Plastic.  To ice-pick the right kind of dispenser, you need to make a usage choice form the two types of Dispensers – Manual Dispensers and Automatic Dispensers. 

 Automatic Dispensers — These Automatic Dispensers use sensors to detect motion and dispense a certain desired amount of liquid when a hand is placed near the nozzle. The hands-free approach reduces cross contamination between users and helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria. It also adds a touch of comfort for use as every dispensing action would dispense an appropriate amount of liquid, whereas a manual pump would dispense only as much liquid as heavily the user pumps the dispenser.

Why make this investment you ask?

It will definitely help you save a considerable amount of time and operational costs as compared to the manual dispensers. Automatic soap dispensers can be loaded with not just soap, but also shampoo, lotion, hand sanitizer, and more. One other significant advantage is controlled portioning of soap or sanitizer. While controlled portioning does not instantly translate into savings, it reduces cost over time. Automatic Dispenser batteries last for more than 200,000 pumps and are extremely easy to clean. There are two types of Automatic Dispensers – Countertop and Wall Mounted. These use foaming soap or sanitizer, bulk liquid soap or gel sanitizer. The biggest difference between the two is that Wall Mounts are preferred for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens. The wall mounted dispensers can also be used with high viscosity sanitizers, which can be refilled in the spray type dispensers.          - Manual Dispensers— Manual Dispensers offer practicality for high traffic locations where batteries do not last long enough and there is no option for plug in. They have a push button or a foot pedal to dispense soap or sanitizer. The floor standing foot pedal sanitizers offer a great deal of comfort to the user as their operation is close to touch free. The user’s hands never come in contact with the dispenser, which makes this design truly unique. Manual wall mounted dispenser is great for hospitality and healthcare industries, while the foot pedal operated dispensers would be a great fit for any location with high traffic or bad climatic conditions. They hold up to 1 litre liquid resulting in fewer refills. Compact style manual dispensers are also available for smaller spaces and personal home use.
Be sure to check the quality of the dispenser as these should be made from high quality raw materials that have been sourced from certified and trusted distributors. The range of products should be known for their superior quality, durability and sturdy construction.  

You can cherry-pick between foam, spray or drop dispensers. It’s important, however, to know what kind of soap your dispensers are designed for, or you could run into trouble.      The Pedal Operated Dispensers are made of stainless steel, powder coated steel or aluminum bodies. It is important to know the strength and life of each of these materials to make an informed decision for your purchase. Wall Mounted dispensers on the other hand are the most cost-efficient option.

On a personal note:
Pick from a range of automatic or manual products that are researched and manufactured with high-quality standards. Make sure the company adopts sustainable practices by focusing on reducing wastage, sustainable innovation and ecological responsibility. I believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the environment and follow all the international standards to maintain sustainability in our hygiene products.

 If you have any more questions, feel free to email us and we will try our best to get back to you.    

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